Tender Greens Opening Today in the Playhouse District!

This Friday, July 8, Tender Greens will be opening a new location in the Playhouse District!

Tender Greens takes pride in serving fresh, local produce, organic ingredients whenever possible, hormone-free beef and poultry, and wild-caught tuna. But that’s not all. Tender Greens uses the finest olive oils, cheeses, nuts, spices — you name it! With menu items ranging from soups and salads to meaty sandwiches and hot plates, there’s something for everyone (even vegans!).

Stop by Tender Greens at their new Pasadena location at 621 E. Colorado Blvd, or call them at (626) 405.1511

For more information about Tender Greens, including nutritional information and a PDF version of their menu, visit their website.



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